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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 28, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ continues and we will see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," we've been hearing the outline of a story about joe biden, it's hard to know what to believe in the lateis stages of the presidentialig campaign. but now we know, we have now heard at length on camera from one of the biden families former business partners, a very successful business man and a navy veteran, his name is tony bobulinski. bobulinski spoke for a full hour last night on this show and told us -- and this is the crux of what he said -- how he met two separate times with joe biden himself, not just with his son or his brother, but with
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joe biden, the former vice president is now running for president to discuss business deals with the communist government of china. that's a very serious claim, and whatever your political views, it's hard to dismiss it when tony bobulinski makes it because bobulinski is an unusuallyg credible witness. he's not seeking publicity, just the opposite, he did not want to come on our show but when adam schiff and they joe bidenhi for president campaign accused tony bobulinski of participating in a rush and disinformation effort, he felt he had no choice, that was slander against him and against his family, so he came. he arrived with heaps of evidence to bolster the story he was telling. he brought a contemporaneous audio recordings, text messages, emails, many financial documents. by the end of the hour, it wasto very clear to us that tony bobulinski was telling the truth and the joe biden was lying. we believe that any honest person who watch the entire hour would come to the same
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conclusion. today, thehe senate committee confirmed it, the senate reported this afternoon that all of tony bobulinski's documents are in fact real, there authentic. they are not forgeries, this is not russian disinformation, it is real. tonight, we have another recording for you from tony bobulinski, we'll add that to the evidence file. we can't help but noticing in a normal country, you probably would've already heard it. bobulinski told a remarkable story, joe biden once again could be president of the united states next week, was d planning business deals with america's most formidable global opponent and when he was caught doing it, joe biden lied and he went further, he slandered an innocent man is a traitor to his own country, it was clear he did that -- that's not a partisan talking point uttered in bad faith on behalf of another presidential campaign, it's tr true. what is his version of the story, everyone has a version andd we would like to hear it t we don't know what joe biden's
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version of the story is because no one in america's vast media landscape has pressed joe biden to answer the question. instead, reporters at all levels, have openly collaborated with joe biden's political campaign, that is unprecedented, it has never happened in american this morning, the big papers completely ignored what tony bobulinski had to say, so that the other television networks. not a single word about bobulinski appeared on cnn or anywhere else. "newsweek" decided to cover it but came to the conclusion that the real story was about q1, somehow. this is a soviet style suppression of information of a legitimate news story days before an election. the ramifications of it are impossible to imagine but we do know the media cannot continue in the way that it has. if no one believes the media anymore and no one should. you should be offended by this, not because the media are liberal, but because this is an
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attack on our democracy. you've heard that phrase again and again, this is what it actually looks like. a in a self-governing country, voters have a right and obligation to know who they are voting for. in this case, they have the right to know the democratic nominee for president was a willing partner in his family's lucrative influence peddling operation, an operation that went on for decades and stretched from china to ukraine come all the way to oman, romania, luxembourg, and many other countries. this is not speculation and is not partisan attack, it's true and tony bobulinski confirmed it. he met with joe biden and a hotel bar of los angeles in early may of 2017 and when he did, joe biden's son introduced bobulinski this way. "dad, here's the individual i told you about it that's helping us withpi the business we are working on and the chinese." "the man i told you about," tony
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bobulinski. written documents confirm this wasne real, at one point in joe biden's son texted tony bobulinski towa say joe biden, s father, was making key thi to ky business decisions. >> 100 biden said the chairman, he's talking about his data. >> correct, his father is giving an emphatic no, which is putting proper governance insp place. >> tucker: joe biden is vetoing your plan for putting stricter governance in the company. and it's right here. >> i want to be very careful in front of the american people. that is not me writing that, that is not me claiming that, that is hunter biden writing on his own phone, typing in that i spoke with my chairman referencing his father. >> tucker: exactly, that is
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not tony bobulinski's word, it is spelled's out in the clearest possible language in documents that bobulinski provided us at end documents, subsequently federal authorities have authenticated as real. on may 13th 2017, hunter biden got an email explaining how his family would be paid for the deal with chinese energy compa company. >> in that email, there's a statement where they go through the equity, jim biden is referenced as a 10%, it doesn't say biden, it says jim and ed has 10% for the big guy held by h. a thousand% know that the big guys referencing joe biden, that's crystal clear to me, i lived at, i met with a former vice president in person multiple times.
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>> tucker: last night, tony bobulinski added to a telling detail, joe biden's brother jim saw his stake in the deal double, was jim biden getting his brothers share? it mightrt be worth finding out, we also know according to an email from a top chinese official this one written on july 262017, the chinese proposed a $5 million interest free loan to the biden family. based on their trust in the bidenin family, the email continued should this chinese company keep lending more to the family? indeed, they were supposed to send another $5 million to thees bidens business ventures, apparently that money never made it to the business, where did it go? a recent senate report suggested it went 200 biden directly and from there, who knows. tony botony bobulinski also tols hunter biden became the chairman
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just as they were tendering 14% of a russian state-owned energy company, that was a deal valued at $9 billion. it's pretty sleazy, pretty amazing that happened and no one noticed. at the bottom line and all of this, we are not going to spend the next six months leading you through a maze of complex financial transactions -- this isn't that complicated at its bottom line -- here's the bottom line. millions of dollars went directly to the communist party of china, went to joe biden's family. not because they are capable businessmen, they are certainly not. his brother jimmy biden appears to have been running a night club in delaware, that went under. they were cut in on the world's most lucrative business deals, massive infrastructure deals in countries around the world for one reason, because joe biden was a powerful government official willing to leverage his power on behalf of his family. if that's not a crime, it's very
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close to a crime and it's certainly something that every person voting should know about. the bidens didn't do this once, they did it for decades. the question is how did they get away with it for so long? tony bobulinski asked joe biden's brother directly and he answered that question honestly, watch. >> i remember looking at jim biden and saying how are you guys getting away with this? aren't you concerned? and he looked at me and laughed a little bit and said "plausible deniability." >> tucker: he said that out loud? >> he said it directly to me one-on-one in a cabana at the peninsula hotel. >> tucker: plausible deniability -- in other words, we live. we get away with selling access to the u.s. government which we do not own because we lie about what we are doing and as we lie we try to make those lies plausible, that's why we call with plausible deniability. that is the answer that
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joe biden's brother gave when asked directly. the question is what is joe biden's answer to that question? we wish we knew. ned ryan is the ceo of american majority, he joins us tonight -- thanks so much for coming on. i don't think this is the classic scenario where the conservative say the media is so liberal, this is at a level above that where it's not a question of liberal, conservative, it's a question of democracy. does the voting population have a right to know who they're votingng for? has there ever been anything like this suppression we are watching right now? >> first of all we have to disabuse ourselves that we have any real journalists left. if they are partisan operative, masquerading as journalists but they took a fake dossier and used it as an attack machine for the administrative state to try to take out the elected
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president elected president of the united states. i keep about "the washington post" asinine and arrogant statement of the democracy died in darkness, the so-called media is the darkness where democracy dies. you cannot have a free society if you have a media that is wildly disinterested in truth and in fact and is quite simply only interested in one party rule. the american people deserve to know, joe biden is clearly the big guy. he's thehe chairman. one of the most startling points of last night is what you mentioned earlier where he nixed the idea of goodna governance in this corporation per the only reason you do that is to avoiddo transparency and you're doing that because you don't want people understanding what's going on, you keep on saying word of the money go? we can say with some certainty at least that may be the half-million five chinese loan went to pops and he's taking it
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directly, i have to tell you it's hard to overstate how serious this is that we have a potential president joe biden, cod for pit may be going into the white house he will collapse any opposition. where the only economic and military power right now in the world that can confront china. it's clear he is heavily compromised on this issue. the american people deserve answers and acting as a de facto biden campaign, they are hiding him in the basement. they are doing all of his fighting for him and they raise themselves against trump and the american people, the masquerade is over. at the american people should understand this. they have a chance to have a reckoning with the press, with big tech, with the administrative state, with the biden cartel -- is november 3rd when they vote for donald trump and give him another four years. >> tucker: all this russia talk, purely a cover. it's obvious.
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there's always a lot going on that we don't have time to get to on the air, but there's something specific going on behind the scenes that we did feel we should tell you about. monday of this week, we received from a source a collection of confidential documents related to the biden family, we believe those documents are authentic, real, and. the timing we received them -- my executive producer and i were in los angeles preparing to interview tony bobulinski about the bidens business dealings -- we texted our producer in new york and asked him to send the documents to us in l.a. and he did that. monday afternoon of this week he shipped those documents overnight with a large national carrier, a brand-name company. we've used, you've used countless times with never a problem, the biden documents never arrived in los angeles. e tuesday morning we received wd from the shipping company that our package had been opened and the contents were missing, the documents had disappeared.
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the company took this very seriously and began a search, they trace the envelope from the moment our producers dropped it off in manhattan on monday all the way to 3:44:00 a.m. yesterday morning, that's when an employee noticed that our package was opened and empty. apparently it had been opened. the company security team interviewed every one of its employees who touched the envelope we sent. they searched the plane and the trucks that carried out, they went through the office in new york where our producer drop that package off, they combed the entire cavernous sorting facility so that searchers would know what to look for. they went far and beyond what they found nothing. those documents have vanished. as of tonight, the company has no idea and no working theory about what happened to this trove of materials, directly relevant to the presidential campaign six days from now. we spoke to executives at that
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company a few hours ago -- they seemed baffled and deeply bothered by this and so are we. at the break, we will have more information about joe biden's business dealings around the world, they were very worried about this story coming out and we have audio evidence. plus a reporter at the violent riots in philadelphia last night joins us with an account of what happened, we'll be right back.
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♪ >> tucker: we aired a full llhour with 20 by belinsky last night but the interview was so compelling and so long, it was clear he was telling the truth and he was saying things that haven't been out there. there were parts that he didn't run last night because we didn't have time, we're going to do that tonight quickly. they brought him on board to overstretcover structure their s business deals, tony bobulinski money doingot of business, he is the math guy -- they brought him into structure the deals come it quickly became clear for tony bobulinski that they weren't seeking funding for a legitimate business, watch. >> you can imagine my mouthop dropping to the floor when i saw
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that in august of 2017, remember, the chinese were supposed to be funding sino hawk at that time. they were sending money to an entity called hudson west three, that is definitively and multiple times referenced in the senate report. take a step back, and the entity that i formed, sino hawk holdings with the biden family, hudson west four was used, not hudson west three, they hadto funded the money into hudson west three and taken the money and directly sent it to hunter biden's firm. i wasn't aware of that fact until i read the senate report that senator johnson and senator grassley is riveted to the people. you can imagine how angry and frustrated i was at that point, not about the money that was lied to, cheated from and effectively stolen from from the biden family. >> tucker: joe biden new from the very beginning what he and his family were doing was wrong,
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that's why they hid that's not russian disinformation, the bidens have effectively admitted it was wrong and in private they said it out loud to. we played some audio last night to show you this, we have more audio tonight. you're about to hear rob walker and james gilley on a call with tony by belinsky, they are discussing how worried they are that this story would emerge into the press, would emerge into the public and they wanted to figure out how to handle the fallout, this audio is very new -- here it is i. >> if somebody comes out now and verifies the story and it blows up big time, that's >> we've got this situation now where it's escalating and somebody, allegedly one of us
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three has the story and already it's back on the front pages. >> tucker: it's almost touching how naive they are. the azar politically connected people, they serve the biden family, their democrats spread their convinced and this was taped not long ago that if this story comes out the media will verify it and it will blow up. even the bidens family business partners, the a biden family itself wasn't counting on the media side with them to the extent they have to bury all of this damaging information, the information is obviously incriminating. they had no idea that every news network and every journalist in this country would actually suppress it because that has never happened in america before, they thought they would be busted. also on that call, tony by belinsky pleaded with his business partners to tell the truth, the same thing and he said in the interview last
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night. instead of lying, rob walker and james gilliar can't admit what happened, hunter biden was selling access to his father,of why deny it? here is the portion of the phone call. >> he was there because he was selling his family's name and that's the whole reason why the chinese were there. the chinese would've never been there if the biden name wasn't -- they were there for exactly what people are saying they were there for. it's all be honest with each other. >> tucker: there is no dispute about that. the biden family has no marketable skills, they can't actually do anything, they've never done anything except serve in government and make money from that service. rob walker and james gille jamer didn't refute what he said because they know it's true. that didn't bother them, what bothered them was being exposed to doing it. that's why tony by belinsky spoke to us last night and that's why the rob walker, james gilliar, and the biden family
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are in hiding tonight. jeanine pirro is the author of don't lie to me, we are happy to have her on tonight. a lot of threads here but i am fixated on this 1.2. tony bobulinski is not a political person, he's just a business guy, he doesn't want to get involved at all -- they accuse him of betraying his country and serving the interests of russia -- he tells them just take it back and i want expose you and they refused to take it back and here we are talking about it, why wouldn't they just take it back? >> they are arrogant and they realize they've got a lot of protection in terms of joe biden running for president. these are people who have been working with other countries for years. i'm going to start at the end and pretty much say to you as you've been saying, the bidens are bad at the business, hunter biden is the most easily compromised black male individual in the country as it relates toit other nations and what they probably have on him.
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in the end, they've got all kinds of money, they were like pigs at the trough and they believe that they can continue to con america, joe biden believes he can continue to lie to america and that it was that arrogance that brought them to the point where they were openly dealing with a company that ended up going bankrupt, some of the members being prosecuted for money laundering, that's chinese company -- what they demanded $10 million. and ironically, joe biden comes out and says china isn't the problem. that is the concern here, you've got joe biden running on the issue of character saying i am the man you can trust him on the menu can can count on one for years he's had houses all over the place, all of this is the result of the games they've been playing, leveraging his position in government like pigs at the
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trough making sure they make aa lot of money off of it. this guy -- and i give you a lot of credit for getting to the heart of the issue, his information is credible, it is documentary it is emails, text messages, phone calls, credit cards corroborated by a senate homeland security committee and in addition to that, this guy is a former navy lieutenant, he is a high end businessman, he put a lot at stake in order to come out and let the american people know that this family is a family that's going to sell you out in a minute, just like joe biden when he went over to ukraine and said you're not getting a billion dollars unless you fire a prosecutor. he was leveraging our money at that point while his son was on the board of that company he was trying to save. joe biden knew the whole time,
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his son was doing business, his brothers were doing business and he lied to us, he lied to the american press. this is a con game, these people can be charged with money laundering, they can be charged with -- this is fraud and conspiracy, joe biden is aiding and abetting, this guy can't get a security clearance if he worked in the oval office and they want to impeachal donald trump? they can impeach him for what he did in ukraine. >> tucker: i don't think anybody in that world is going to be indicted anytime soon, they're not roger stone or something. jeanine pirro, great to see you. the people in charge have ane infuriating habit of accusing you of exactly the very things they're doing -- it's a cover, of course. whenever you hear this russia is doing something, what they are really saying is chinahi at ther
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ally is doing. google, twitter, and facebook all allied with the chinese government has been doing the thing they save russia is doing which is interfering in our election, they have deep platforms anybody who disagrees with theiro candidates, they he censored politicians, they've suppressed the media when it may conflict with their political goals. today, the people who did that testified before congress, we'll tell you what happened when they did that.
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>> tucker: "the new york post" is still one of the largest newspapers in the country is still being censored by the chinese allied twitter company two weeks after daring to publish a story about the biden families international business dealings. twitter is demanding that "the new york post" delete all tweets about the biden story before it can regain access to its account. today, finally, lawmakers in congress and the senate, that would mean texas
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senator ted cruz, asked the ceo of twitter jack dorsey about what is going on here? >> did twitter block the distribution of the summary a few weeks ago that reported to be made on copies of president trump's tax returns? >> we didn't find the violation because it was reporting about the material, it was not distributing. >> b they posted what they said were original source of materials, federal statute makes it a crime to distribute someone text materials against their knowledge, that material is based on something that was distributed in violation of federal law and yet twitter gleefully allowed it to circulate that. when the article was critical of joe biden, twitter engaged in rampant censorship and silenci silencing. >> tucker: what are the standards at twitter, the peyot
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guy you saw on the screen didn't know. should congress enforce standards? senator josh hawley has been on this topic more than anyone else in the u.s. senate, he joins us tonight. what did we learn today? >> we learned that the tech companies are going to keep doing this, they're going to keep censoring conservatives and keep putting the thumb on the scale for the biden campaign as long as congress lets them. they think they can get away with it, they are totally unrepentant. congress needs to take action. i'm glad we are talking about it, that's fine. the time for tocqueville he has passed, it's time for congress to legislate, take away the special immunity that these tech companies get for this censorship. >> tucker: this is not relevant but when you interview these people, do you ever think maybe it's bad for kids to become billionaires? maybe it does something bad to you? is it healthy to live in a society were a tiny group of completely out of touch crazy people havee power over the rest of us can say? >> if you want to know what it's
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like to live in an aristocracy, open your eyes -- this is at. one, tiny group of what jack dorsey's case really weird people can control what we are allowed to say and who is allowed to report on what, it's absolutely ludicrous. it really isel modern day aristocracy which is why congress has to act and do it now. >> tucker: do think that tech barons who testified in the senate were intimidated at all, did they see it as political theater, they are laughing on their business jets back to san francisco, what do you think they thought? >> i don't think they are intimidated, this was a hearing supposedly on the section 230 which is that immunity shield but i think 230 didn't come up. that tells you that congress is not focused on the issue, congress is focused on talking but they aren't focused on doing anything at these tech barons, whatever else they are -- they are not stupid.
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until congress gets serious, they're going to keep right on doing this. >> tucker: you got right to the nub of it, 230 would defang these companies -- that's real. great to see o you. massive civil rights demonstration tonight, more than a thousand looters ransacked family-owned businesses in philadelphia, why did they do that? we'll tell you, we have the tape -- straight ahead.
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♪ >> tucker: violent riots, widespread looting blew up for a second night in the city of philadelphia, we'll tell you why but first here's part of what it looked like last night. [shouting] [shouting]
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[alarm beeping] >> tucker: the media mostly ignored the looting because they would have to explain it if they noticed that, they would have to tell us that poverty is causing this as if anybody in america is so poor they have to steel t-shirts or shoes and destroy things. this is a massive steel income of the pretext doesn't matter, it's always wrong but they don't want to talk about it because it's happening in a swing state just days before an election -- those are not trump voters, every one of them is a joe biden boater. eric lipton who calls himself an investigative reporter tweeted this story itself was illegitimate, conservative voices he said were intentionally amplifying and drawing attention to the riots is of widespread rioting and looting a major american city, our former capital is somehow not worth covering. one reporter who did think the
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riots were worth covering was the blaze's elijah schaefer, he wanted here's what happened to him. [shouting] he just got assaulted, he was coming on tomorrow night. the woman who shot the video comes on 2 minutes, let's ask the most obvious question, what are these most peaceful protesters protesting? they arere protesting the shootg of a man by police, that man is called walter wallace -- he rushed out with a knife toward cops, he was awaiting trial for threatening to kill a woman and chewed up her house to read in 2017 he pled guilty to robbery and assault and he held a gun to a woman's head to. in 2013 he pled guilty to assisting arrest and punching a cop in the face. they will tell you none of that
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is relevant but of course it's relevant, he demonstrated willingness to use violence. he was killed because he waved the knife around in the middle of a busy street in front of police and the press doesn't want you to know any of that. they've decided to tell you that he was killed because cops are racist because blm wants them to say that, that's what they're saying -- watch. >> what do you say to philadelphians who are outraged by yet another unarmed black man being shot by police? >> tucker: "yet anotherna unarmed black man." he was armed, he had a knife on video -- that's why they shot him. if a plumber or an electrician was that bad at his job he would be fired immediately but no tandards are applied to american journalism, no one mentions what the police were supposed to do? if a journalist went toward police with a knife in his hand he would be shot and no one would say if it's unjustified if you threaten police with a knife, you get shot. shelby tell get covered everything that happened in philadelphia fearlessly for
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"the daily caller," what did you see lastni night? >> the protest started out in west philly which was where wallace jr. was killed and that situation was very tense, but not overly violent i would say. they did meet a line of police officers while trying to go to the police precinct. tthey were stop and held and about 10 miles away was where all of the looting occurred and i think this is a bunch of opportunistic individuals these protests could be used to loot and steal and destroy parts ofth the city and that's exactly what we saw we saw. >> tucker: we've seen that in other cities and you've covered that as well, they still because we allow them to steal unaware
9:48 pm
that if we keep allowing us from our society will collapse. 11 people were shot, where were the cops? >> that's another good question, police officers where they are, werewe literally watching these individuals run into a five thbelow store, hundreds of them would run in and run out for hours and just down the road in the same parking lot,am actuall, police were standing inof frontf the walmart just watching it happen and i actually asked one of the female police officers why it took so long and what was going on, they didn't have the situation under control and that she essentially said they were understaffed, there were too many people in philadelphia and they didn't seem to be doing al that much. >> tucker: i think people are out with this graph, you're one of the people who brought to light -- happy you came on tonight.
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from the very beginning, from august when she was chosen as the vp candidate, the mystery has been how exactly do you say senator harris' first name? we've made some mistakes and thought they were mistakes but tonight senator harris herself is offering new clues on how to pronounce her name, we'll tell you the real answer. mark steyn joins us for that.
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>> tucker: if you were >> tucker: if you are watching the show back in august, you may recall you made one of the mistakes you just can't live down no matter how long you live, we referred to the democratic party's vice president nominee as kamala harris rather than kamala harris, it's not like a waving at stevie wonder, this is a big deal. we didn't realize it at the time but now we do, we have been educated there are micro-aggressions and then there is what we did, it was a macro aggression and our friends at the other networks rightly called us out for it.
9:55 pm
>> her name is pronounced, kamala harris. she is a u.s. citizen qualified running for office, already facing sexist and racist attacks. >> i want you to listen to how tucker carlson, the best he could do was to somehow mangle her name, listen. >> tucker: just tell kamala harris what to say and she will say it, that is the whole point. >> names can be so hard to pronounce sometimes, even names of people who have been on the scene for years. say it with me: kamala >> tucker: hate, racist fox news guy, it's kamala. sat with us now, kamala. kamala, kamala, feel your bigotry ebbing away, don't make excuses by pointing out that joe biden also calls her cam
9:56 pm
all -- if you see someone else mispronouncing kamala's name, you need to intervene and call them out for hate speech. bonus points if you get them fired, we all share in the responsibility, with that in mind we have some footage to show you now, it's from one of her stops last weekend in cleveland. kamala harris has been on the scene for several years now, you should know how to pronounce her name, you should listen very carefully. > cleveland, it's kamala, i just came to say thank you! >> there are dog whistles and then there are fog horns, that was a fog horn. it was racism and sexism combined in a repulsive reese's peanut butter cup of hate, listen to it one more time.
9:57 pm
>> it's kamala, i just came to say thank you. >> tucker: kamala harris just came to say thank you but we all heard what she really said, she mangles her own name in a racist way and we're not going to let her get w away with it, best-selling author mark steyn is as outraged as we are, he joins us tonight. >> it's marek stain, i haven't liked to complain for three years now, there are people who say i don't get your name right, they say thank you, tucker, i don't put the are on it. she grew up in montreal which is a city i've lived in in my entire life, i can tell you it's kamala there, everyone is entitled to a bit of leeway on this kind of thing. you can pronounce it cam-ala, if
9:58 pm
you're on the cam-ala river which crosses india into nepal, they pronounce it slightly differently and within the great commonwealth family of india, jamaica, canada, where she grew up, she's had it every which way and what was interesting is when richard goodstein slapped you around for mispronouncing it and i beg your pardon, he shouldn't of done that, when richard goodstein slapped you around for mispronouncing it, these guys pounced and for a moment, they -- the racism of mispronouncing kamala looked like it was going to be a college course in another threes months. without the pandemic, universities would've been charging 60 grand for kids to do courses in the racism of mispronouncing kamala and the
9:59 pm
ideas these guys all got to the facts that morning and are a suddenly experts in hindu nomenclature is completely preposterous and i don't know where she's been! she's not in the basement in delaware, maybe she's gone back to see family in india or jamaica, maybe she's back in montreal partying with her old high school friends but she has been an almost as total a witness protection program as the presidential candidate and that's the only way you get away withth your racism, mr. crowell son. >> tucker: i'm just glad to know i'm joined in the bigotry by cam-ala herself. >> the systemic racism is so prevalent that she's no race race-icing herself. >> tucker: someday were going to get don lemon would
10:00 pm
jeff bezos finally buys that, that will be the greatest thing we've ever done. great to see you, thank you. wish we had more time, we are out of time -- back tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern and special programming note, this >> sean: he will be here at sunday night at 9 p.m. welcome to "hannity." damning new details about joe biden's family corruption scandals. it paints aávery ugly picture. biden's son zero experience hunter, his brother jim, receive million dollars from sketchy foreign nationals cashing in on then vice-president biden. russian oligarch and the bank of


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